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This year, daylight saving is starting early–a change that could cause Y2K-like headaches for IT professionals, and even for consumers.

Congress decided in 2005 to extend the period of daylight-saving time by three weeks in spring and one in the fall, reasoning that providing more daylight in the early evening would reduce energy use. However, the shift could cause trouble with software set to automatically advance its clock by an hour on the old date, the first Sunday in April, and not on the new date, the second Sunday in March.

Oh my God!  Does this mean I’m gonna have to MANUALLY set the time on my DVD/VCR?  Nooooooooo!!!  Damn you George Bush!!!  Damn you all to Hell!!!

I have to click an icon! OMG I better book time with Tech Support to walk me through it!
Wait, I live in the Fort! I can just slam the tower onto the front desk at Max and whine that they ‘just sold me this computer’ and it doesn’t even have the right time! Whew! Thought I’d have to * learn something* like fags do!

LMAO!!! :smiley:

I just mailed off an application to the National Research Council to get funding to research the problem. Maybe for a few million $ we can come up with an effective way to neutralize this potentially disastrous situation.  :imp: