Danny Williams

Hero or Loser?

I say hero.

whos that


Well, it may be significant to BC, if oil and gas production ever takes place offshore.

The fact that the Feds are willing to renegotiate when they really don’t legally have to is politically interesting – the fruits of a minority government?

But Danny Williams is an arrogant asshole.

speaking of minority I now dislike the NDP (Jack Layton in particular)

He insulted Don Cherry calling him arrogant and a pig, ndp definatly has a strange outlook on things like the dinner @ the legion.

“gimme money and i’ll give you an autograph!” - Jack Layton

Don Cherry’s not an arrogant pig?

But Danny Williams is an arrogant asshole.[/quote]

That is why I opened this post. Get info from people who know more about him. I hope wondermike gives us his views as well.

Was Williams outburst a genuine gesture or was it politics? I guess it could be both too.

Well, he’s not a very careful speaker, that’s for sure. Says stupid things and then spends weeks trying to backtrack. Like threatening physical harm on striking workers, etc.

But yeah, it’s politics as well. He’s negotiating from weakness. The constitution is pretty clear about who has offshore jurisdiction. It may not be fair, but it’s the constitution. He’s not stupid, he knows this. He knows that he can’t win with legal and logical arguments, so he knows he has to appeal to passion and emotion.

The Federal government is awash in cash, so they’re feeling generous. He might shoot himself (and Newfoundland), in the foot with his antics. But if he succeeds, then BC will also reap the benefits if we ever have offshore oil and gas.

Rising oil prices, rising electricity rates all mean that Newfoundland would probably do better by itself than it would as part of Canada. There’s actually a growing independence movement there. The two or three big revenue generators are actually generating revenue for the rest of Canada, not for Newfoundland. While more tax money leaves Newfoundland than comes to Newfoundland, it remains a “have-not” province.

Imagine if Alberta didn’t get any oil revenue, it would be in the same boat.

But like I said, that’s the way the Canadian system works. Perhaps they would be better by themselves. They’d get full control of the fishery, churchill falls and offshore oil. But it’s just like Alberta’s rhetoric, and pointless. The whole point of Canada is to share with the regions that need it.

ooh, you mean saskatchewan? isn’t it pretty much alberta without oil?

Neophyte. He should come out here and learn Ottawa bashing from the experts!