Damaged .Rar Extractor Needed

I have two, 2.9Gb .RAR archives, both of which allow me to open them with WinRAR. When I try to drag the files out of the archiver or click extract, I get the follow error message; “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”.

I’m working on Windows here… Any tips or program suggestions? Obviously WinRAR isn’t doing this for me right now, but I imagine something else will. I don’t think the archives are damaged.

Well, Winzip 10.0 is working just fine. Ignore.

[rant]I hate how WinAce AND WinZip can extract this file, but WinRAR cannot. Especially since WinRAR extracts directly to the folder you tell it to, while *Ace and *Zip extract to a temp folder, then copy it back from the temp folder to the destination folder … For a 3Gig file it turns into 9Gigs by the time it’s done… And a 5-10 minute job turns into 1 15-25 minute job. Warning, you are low on disk space! there is not even an option I can find to disable that crap. Temp files suck, and I never know for sure if they’ve been deleted after being created, unless I go check, or keep tabs on my disk space, which really shouldn’t be necessary.[/rant]

[rant2]Nice how the A/V of the DIVX files I just spent an hour extracting and burning don’t sync-up until a couple minutes into the file…Did they get screwed when extracted, or when burnt? Re-extract/re-burn and maybe re-encode all 47 files… Yay for nothing working today.[/rant2]