Daily Snooze to get new competitor

Oooh Ooooh, we got ourselves an old fashioned paper war!

The Daily News will have some competition on the news stands come June 5th as something called the “Northern Daily” makes its appearance around the Northwest.

From the Look Inside of May 31 (delivered a day earlier in finer neighbourhoods :imp:) comes this little pr blurb from page 14 about the emerging new publication. There is also a full page ad for the latest attempt to topple the Daily, you can view the new dawn coming on page 10.


By Shaun Thomas

NORTHWEST- Beginning June 5, residents of the Northwest will have another way of getting the news of the day with the arrival of The Northern Daily.

This new newspaper, which is being done in partnership with Look Inside, the Northern Sentinel, the Terrace Standard and other northern members of the B. C. Newspaper Group, will be distributed free through street boxes and at a number of local businesses from Monday to Friday. The Northern Daily will have the latest in international, national and provincial news from the internationally acclaimed Reuters news service. In addition, it will offer coverage of professional sports, entertainment and business news from around the world.

In addition to the national and international coverage offered by The Northern Daily, we are comitted to ensuring that residents of the Northwest continue to see all of the latest local news from communities throughout the region delivered to their doorstep week in and week out with the continuation of our free regional newspaper.

Look for the Northern Daily at businesses and locations throughout the region June 5, and look for the latest issue of Look Inside Publications in your mailbox next week. Together, we can offer the best coverage of the news that affects the region… free of charge.


**in fairness to the new paper, the original spelling errors that I had transcribed from their Presser were mine, done in transcription, I corrected them at 6:31 pm, we’ll cut them some slack until they disappoint us themselves… :laughing:

Those of a historical bent will know that June 5th is the day before D-Day, June 6th 1944 britannica.com/dday and the invasion of Europe. Purely coincidental we’re sure, but makes for interesting timing for the invasion of turf that has been under Snooze control for decades…  Â

Talk amongst yourselves :unamused:

Well, I hope they stick to that “street boxes and businesses” promise.

Nothing worse than unwanted newspaper-Spam.  :wink:

Good to have a new paper – now you can hear about important news today on HTMF, tomorrow in the Daily News, and the following day in the Northern Daily :wink:  Ha!  kidding…

Well if we start getting this one circulated, they can stop making that crappy one that only has entertainment news in it.  It has nothing to do with Prince Rupert, or the area, and just has old news in it.  I wonder how many people actually read it?  Sorry I’m so vague… I’ve looked through it once, and it didn’t impress me.

We have The Advertiser, one of those spam papers that serves Fraser Lake and west. The Post Office “solved” the problem by removing all their garbage cans and making you take it home to your own.
It could possibly have headlines followed by ‘ipsum lorum’ typesetting fill for all I know. No one would notice…

Day one of the Northern Daily was pretty underwhelming, not a lick of local news. It was all the wire copy fit to fit in between ads.

Guess the folks at the Daily News can relax for a while, there is no imminent danger from the Northern Daily if this is going to be the end product on a day to day basis.

As long as it’s not coming in my door, I’m happy.  Being available only at stores will help cut down the amount of household garbage tossed out every week.

[quote=“smartass”]cut down the amount of household garbage tossed out every week.

I’m sure you meant to say recycle, right?

Just a comment on that… I never truely appreciated just how much you can recycle until my wife started us on it. We’re not super anal about it… we just recycle cans and cardboard and the household plastics and paper that tend to collect. We go out once a week and end up with a lot of stuff to drop off. We’re a household of 3 and we rarely ever have one full garbage bag of garbage a week to put out for collection.


It’s hard to recycle the newspaper once people have used it to line their bird cages, as someone once said about another Daily Snooze competitor.

I live in a household of 2, and we end up going to the recycling depot at least once every couple weeks with a couple boxes full of stuff.  What gets me, is that my mom takes in the cans and bottles with deposits, and never gets any money back for it, because she takes it to the recycling depot, and not the bottle depot.

How fondly I remember our time in Rupert, back when your present landfill was still spanking new … no residential recycling pickup (that’s what the dump was for!), everything went in the garbage cans.

Nowadays I’m reflexively harping at the kids if they toss even a scrap of paper into the trash. Most weeks our blue boxes outweigh our garbage, even though Winnipeg has no garbage restrictions.