Daily News Carriers

I noticed this week in the Daily News a message stating that starting May 13th there will be boxes located around the city that people will be able to pick up a free copy of Wed/Fri papers. It also stated that subscribers would still have their copy delivered to them on those days. Has anyone heard anything about this? I wonder if the carriers were notified of this change.

I’m wondering if the retailers who have fliers in the free papers (Rona, Marks & Canadian Tire today) know that home delivery is being changed to boxes…if that is what is happening?  From the locations listed, closest to my house is about 9 blocks away…probably wouldn’t make a special trip to pick up paper.  Wondering why boxes are not located in convenience stores…would be more convenient for lots of folks.  Don’t see any downtown locations.

I cancelled my subscription when free papers started…maybe they are hoping people will take out subscriptions again…not me!

I think it’s because there are so few carriers these days.  They’re always looking for more carriers, but can’t fill the spots.  So, most of the time, the free papers don’t get delivered anyway.

how much do carriers get paid to deliver free papers. adds a lot of work if they get paid less or none to do it i see why they dont deliver it.not exactly a job where u have a lot of “employee” rights

My guess is the Snooze figures the free papers aren’t being read, so why not circulate fewer papers, to the people that actually want them, thus cutting printing costs.

Right on…don’t have to buy more tissue.  :wink:

My Nephew delievers papers.just down the street fro me.I ask him if he makes all the free delievieries he states yes…But i am also wondering if these young kids that are paid to make papers availiabke to the paid fokes that pay for them,are the one free paper days made availiable to the rest like it should be.and are the kids that are bringing the papers house to house paid extra for the rest of the extra houses on those days.cause i KNOW we are not getting them!I have for one being outside my door when they go by and try callin g them to get my freee paper.im not blaming the kids that have the job …but wondering if they are paid for the extra time they spend making those free papers avialaible to the public.We stopeed getting the paper cause most times we get paper so later we alreay seen most of the happenings on the news at 6 pm.on channel 7.i used to do papers too.and i know that most people were not so nice to get the news so late.I am just curious.

Well, at least when the election signs are gone (July maybe) , it will give the
mouth breathers something else to vandalize.

My daughter is a carrier and yes, she gets paid to deliver the Wed. and Fri. papers.

I wondered about the announcement for the boxes too.  Will she still get paid the same without doing the “big paper route” on those two days.  The daily news hasn’t informed us about any changes yet.
I can see that they might get a lot of complaints about the Wed./Fri papers not being delivered.
The other day I went out to the recycling depot and there was this woman with 3 kids unloading unopened bundles of Wed/Fri papers- my guess is that in total that must have been about 500 papers.
I guess those kids have a paper route and this woman was teaching them how to make a job easier.

Well the dailynews is in the information business you would think that at least informing the carriers wouldn’t be too hard.

As for the lady with the bundles of papers at least her kids will be environmentally aware, maybe the collected them from back alleys and lanes

Maybe it’s because we complained on here awhile ago with photos about those carriers that were just dumping the papers , not bothering to deliver any at all…I am supposed to get my Wed./Fri. papers like everyone and I haven’t as yet received one.  I have called the Snooze twice inquiring, they said they would contact the carrier for that area, 11th. Ave. E. That was months ago and still we have no paper delivery so I don’t care anymore.  Not much in it anyway.  I buy it when I feel like a good read or it’s circulating around my office…  :smiley:  Or I just wait for the View or The Connector, same news, 2 weeks late but that is always delivered…