Da Ali G Show

Da Ali G Show is really funny. The TiVo recorded a bunch of episodes, and it’s pretty hilarious stuff.

I was wondering if someone else had seen this on showcase. Funny but weird. What I don’t get is the amount of restraint that the guests show towards him. I wonder how many people leave the interviews? I just don’t know how these people can agree to be interviewed or to have this broadcasted.

ali g is brilliant. i think he gets away with most of what he does cause the people think he’s really stupid. have u seen “ali g in da usa!!!” interviewing newt gingrich?? some funny shit.

Maybe it’s the accent or something. Same with the Russian guy, the guests just seem to let them get away with anything.

We always used to do that in Newfoundland, do the fake East European accent, or pretend we are Spanish soccer scouts, and walk into stores and ask stupid questions. You’d be amazed at how helpful people try to be when they think you’re genuinely stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Get a box of chocolates!

what channel is it on

ive never seen it

[quote=“OMEGA”]what channel is it on

ive never seen it[/quote]