D&A testing

Piss tests in the workplace,what a contentious issue. I have had to submit to no less then 5 a year both pre-access, and as part of investigations. I do not like them in terms of pre-access employment I believe they stomp on the rights of the worker to be. Who are they to tell me what to do with my time away from work.As for post incident testing I agree with it if a lost time accident occurs,death,or a certain monetary damage was caused due to negligence (i.e. most politicians).
All the test I have been part of were met with a passing grade. They are NOT zero tolerance test,but the limits are ridiculous. THC burns most of the takers of these test, it will stay with you for 2-3 weeks if not longer, 50 Ng is the limit on THC it might just as well be zero. So limits need to be realistic,because they breathalyze you as well and it is still .08 were I work(LOL).
Any other thoughts or arguments on D&A testing let’s hear Em’, for or against.

Just say no and your good! drugs are for hippies… that’s their job

if what you are doing on your own time is illegal like pot then take your chances i guess. for booze yes its illegal and you can drink it but if you can’t be sober for your shift then yes you take your chances as well. theres 7 days in a week if you cant be sober for the days you work maybe you should look into another job or rehab.

this is how i feel i know all don’t but if you want a job you kind of have to be held responsible for your actions.

I would say if you drank heavy friday you would be good monday.  But if you drank heavy saturday it would affect your performance monday.

  Performance will be affected maybe, but you would still blow 0 on a breathalyzer. Smoke a doobie 2-3 weeks be for a piss test and you will fail, guaranteed. Are you still under the affects of THC?. Not to mention the hardcore drugs, cocaine will leave a system in 18-24 hours,opiates 24-48 hours,Meth 24 hours. But to say that one is not effected by these drugs even though they show a zero or under the allowable amounts is crazy. That is why they seem to move a million dollars worth of coke and meth through Fort Mac. in a week. The affects of a weekend binge can be purged in a short time and not detected by piss testing,now hair sample that is a whole other story.

How has no one mentioned that this thread is titled “D&A”?

i looked at it funny too. but i figured its short for drug and alcohol

I have a learning disability. I came in here expecting porn

Heh  :smiley:

And here I thought someone had a misunderstanding about genetic blueprinting.

Drug&Alcohol, not DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

If a company tells you their D&A policy when you are hired, you should expect to have to meet the requirements of the policy. If the job requires travel or overtime, then you shouldn’t be surprised when they expect you leave town or work late. If you wish to have the occasional joint or not-so-occasional joint  or (as Ross Rebagliati said) hang around somewhere where others are enjoying a puff, then you probably should not work for that company if they test for marijuana usage.

Depending on what the job was, I probably would be happier knowing that a system like that was in place. I’m thinking bus drivers or ferry workers, etc…but having said that, I really don’t know which companies test their employees so in the end it doesn’t make me feel any safer.

Should the company you wish to or do work for has such a policy, you might ask yourself why would this be?

Could it be that having workers ‘stimulated’ while on the job is problematic or risky?

Could it be that WC claims and the premiums the company must pay for such ‘stimulated’ workers drives this policy?

People have a right to be ‘stimulated’ but a workplace has a right to have ‘sober’ workers.

pfft B.C ferries has no d & a testing,  in fact alot of the engineers drink right on the boat when their off duty, and probably a few have a glass of wine with dinner


yea off duty tho

BC Ferries?  Now here’s a case for testing if ever I heard one.

Rode the ferry every day and got a real eye-opener as to how these folks kept entertained.


Yup, it turns out I’m the idiot. Whoops. :frowning:

I figured that D&A referred to drugs and alcohol.

And then you made reference to the title and a few people make vague comments and I am thinking what am I missing.  Is there a dirty joke I’m not getting.

So I googled D&A Testing and it listed all the sites for DNA testing.  If you are an idiot then you are not alone.

D & A is drugs and alcohol… DNA is something much different…this thread started about drug testing so I am going for the drug and alcohol route…my google search did not contain what the other poster was seeing. 

I worked in Corrections and they never did piss-testing even though they claimed the right.  Most jobs I have heard of where they say it is mandatory are generally used only when they have a reason to be suspicious.  You are affected by drugs and alcohol, if you aren’t why would you use them?  And that can have a critical effect on your performance at work.  I am happy some places use testing, i hope it helps weed out those who might have problems from safety rated jobs.