Cutest tiny dogs 4 sale

The dad is maltese/chihuahua(3.5lbs) & the mom is parti pomeranian(4.5lbs),the small white one is female and last weighed at 6 weeks,she was 16 ounces,the darker pup is male,last weighed at 6 weeks he was 23 ounces,these puppies will come with vet checked papers,1st shots and deworming,I believe the female will be non shedding like the dad and i believe the male will look like the pomeranian,our puppies sold at Petland in Terrace,Rick and Shirley know us there :smiley: Ready for new homes mid Dec.after the vet visit
$500 for the male and $550 for the female

reduced to $450 each now

Damn I wish I hadn’t looked!!!

Yes, cute!!

Cute, but a bit steep for a mix breed you could probably pick up at the SPCA…

our puppies sold at Petland for 6-7 hundred each,Rick and Shirley know us there…

Yes, I think it is very sad that Petland sells mixed breed pets. I can not believe that they get such high amounts for them. I have nothing against mixed breeds, sometimes they are the best pets but I don’t think they should be bred repeatedly for money as so many of them are.

Very cute! :smile:

I was going to rip you a new one until I saw vet checked and first shots. Though the original price is high I commend you on at least making sure the puppies are safe. Oh and never buy pets from pet stores k thx. My dogs a mutt picked him up for.350.00 best dog you could ask for. Rather unfortu.ate that some of these will be for Christmas not forever.

I was taught that if you dont have anything nice to say,dont say anything at all, :frowning: some ppl amaze me here

I have something nice to say, and they’re very cute.

Wishing the puppies have a nice warm home and a human companion soon.

[quote=“PLA”]I have something nice to say, and they’re very cute.

Wishing the puppies have a nice warm home and a human companion soon.[/quote]

Thank you very much!! You made my day with your positive comment!! :smiley:

I might have considered it until you mentioned selling puppies through Petland. I can’t support that in any way.

no problem :smile:

They do look delicious though.

Maybe want to fatten them up a bit first.

The little female is at her new home :smiley: two males left…the male is the same color as his sister…white and beige :smiley:

Has the price changed? I have a couple weeks off over the holidays - time to settle a new little one in perhaps???

only the dark male is left.$300 for him :smiley:,born Oct.15th,he has his 1st shots,deworming and vet checked papers