Cute cats and Ugly people

Anyone considering getting a cat? The People down the street didnt fix their cat (I’m 95% sure who it is), now there are 3 6-8mon old starving cats hanging around my house.

There is a long haired orange and white one (its freindly)
A multicoloured - Calico looking tabby (going feral - but I can catch it)
A grey and cream one with white feet and blue eyes (this one will be a challenge to catch)

I’d like them to get homes as they still have a chance to be pets. Another month and they will need to be put down as they’ll be feral and just start reproducing.
The mother is a short haired grey, black and cream coloured cat with some orange (shes pretty cool looking) She’s up for grabs too as the ppl dont feed her either.

All the cats will need to be fixed, and I’m pretty sure 2 of them have ear mites or something going on with their ears (lots of scratching)

Thanks in Advance