Several tags were sprayed around the Civic Center area the night or two before the Walk for Cancer relay for life. The Tagged worded: Corroisve. or something. Please correct my spelling but, is this a new gang in prince rupert?

Jusitice3, I’m deleting your other post as it is redundant

It’s probably supposed to be corrosive. And, Dave, could you just delete Justice3 altogether? He’s a one-trick pony.

justice3, this is no new gang, it is a bunch of hoodlums, bein a bunch of idiots. Most of the kids these days have about as much respect for others, as a criminal does the law. Now, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone from the Justice Department, however since the law passed the Young Offenders Act, it gave the kids of today, the right to abuse the rights of others, and society. It is pathetic, when the law can’t even do much with the youth today. The Courts, the Ministry, and a good chunk of society blame us parents for how our children act, Well excuse me for working full time, to put a roof over my families head, puttin food on the table, and seein that the bills are paid, as opposed to seein who my child is playin, or gettin into trouble with 24/7  We parents do our best to raise our children, unfortunately ““PEER PRESSURE””, is in my opinion the biggest contributing factor to youth, and society today.

Wow Shawn that’s quite a rant considering people have been spray painting stuff on walls around Rupert for generations. It’s what kids do. There aren’t enough laws and certainly will never be enough police to stop it. Not unless you plan to have one police officer per person.

Well CrazyMike, I am sure that it is safe to say that when we were kids, if we broke a window, or spraypainted a wall, we had to work it off, or replace it, today, we as parents get blamed for it,

Come onnnn! “…” Please!

Are you freaking kidding me? Where did you grow up, Mayberry? You have some serious blinders on. I grew up here in Prince Rupert and there is no more or less spray painting going on now. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m not saying that if they were caught they would get much of a punishment. I’m just saying that lets not get hysterical about how the courts, the ministry and the parents are suddenly not doing their jobs. This kind of vandalism has been around for as long as there have been kids.

and not to mention paint…lol

CMON NOW…Its not up to the city OR the Law to raise your kids. :unamused: From the moment of brith the child has to be shown what respect is. And having someone to look up to. And of course learning from the mastakes.

Now im not going to tell YOU how to be a parent!!!

Whoa, Crazymike and Shawn, don’t argue in this 3-d internet world! :smiley:

P.S: Justice3 my name is for "Bringing JUSTICE into this THREE(3)-D internet world!


Finally! Thank you, Justice3. I was about to burst with curiosity!

Ummm… lol?

I found it funny how “Currosive” was spelled 3 different ways in the same writing around the Civic. 

Well that’s it then, remedial english classes after school for all vandals until they can learn to spell and tag properly…

Good thought, Podunkian. It might go something like this scene from THE LIFE OF BRIAN:

(Brian is writing a slogan on a wall, oblivious to the Roman patrol approaching from behind. The slogan is “ROMANES EUNT DOMUS”.)

Centurion: What’s this thing? “ROMANES EUNT DOMUS”? “People called Romanes they go the house?“
Brian: It… it says “Romans go home”.
Centurion: No it doesn’t. What’s Latin for “Roman”?
(Brian hesitates)
Centurion: Come on, come on!
Brian: (uncertain) “ROMANUS”.
Centurion: Goes like?
Brian: “-ANUS”.
Centurion: Vocative plural of “-ANUS” is?
Brian: “-ANI”.
Centurion: (takes paintbrush from Brian and paints over) “RO-MA-NI”. “EUNT”? What is “EUNT”?
Brian: “Go”.
Centurion: Conjugate the verb “to go”!
Brian: “IRE”. “EO”, “IS”, “IT”, “IMUS”, “ITIS”, “EUNT”.
Centurion: So “EUNT” is …?
Brian: Third person plural present indicative, “they go”.
Centurion: But “Romans, go home!” is an order, so you must use the …?
(He lifts Brian by his short hairs)
Brian: The … imperative.
Centurion: Which is?
Brian: Um, oh, oh, “I”, “I”!
Centurion: How many Romans? (pulls harder)
Brian: Plural, plural! “ITE”.
(Centurion strikes over “EUNT” and paints “ITE” on the wall)
Centurion: “I-TE”. “DOMUS”? Nominative? “Go home”, this is motion towards, isn’t it, boy?
Brian: (very anxious) Dative?
(Centurion draws his sword and holds it to Brian’s throat)
Brian: Ahh! No, ablative, ablative, sir. No, the, accusative, accusative, ah, DOMUM, sir.
Centurion: Except that “DOMUS” takes the …?
Brian: … the locative, sir!
Centurion: Which is?
Brian: “DOMUM”.
Centurion: (satisfied) “DOMUM”…
(He strikes out “DOMUS” and writes “DOMUM”)
Centurian: …”-MUM”. Understand?
Brian: Yes sir.
Centurion: Now write it down a hundred times.
Brian: Yes sir, thank you sir, hail Caesar, sir.
Centurion: (saluting) Hail Caesar. If it’s not done by sunrise, I’ll cut your balls off.
Brian: (very relieved) Oh thank you sir, thank you sir, hail Caesar and everything, sir!

LOL, well thanks no need for me to go buy the movie at Overwaitea now, I’ve got the script right here in front of me!

Oh, no, you MUST still buy it. Everyone should own what is arguably the funniest movie ever!