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I’m curious. Why does Prince Rupert seem to be the last community in BC to have curbside recycling and food waste pickup? I recently learned that tax payers do not foot the bill for recycling in our province- that’s left up to businesses who produce consumer waste (I.e. Lysol, McDonald’s Starbucks, ect.) So what’s the deal? I’ve been living on Vancouver Island and our garbage gets picked up every two weeks and there is way less of it because of the recycling and compost program. Considering our landfill is on an island and space is limited, I would think that it would be worthwhile for our City to get with the times, and also stop feeding the wildlife at our city dump (pretty sure that’s illegal to feed eagles the wildlife act). It’s rather embarrassing that people tell tourists to visit the dump if they want to see all our beautiful eagles (aka the garbage birds). Proper food waste disposal would likely help mitigate our feral cat/wolf issues as well. Has the city even considered a recycling program? Does anyone know? Thoughts?

You can nag the regional district if you want to.

Thanks for contributing nothing to the thread. I’ve already considered this step but wanted to see if there were any bean counters out there with information on why our city is living in the dark ages when it comes to waste management. I’ll go to the city and ask I guess.

Sounds like a plan, Addicted2Coffee. Maybe cut back on your caffeine intake? :slight_smile:


McDonald’s decaf is way better than Timmie’s I tell ya.

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There’s nothing wrong with our recycling resources here in Rupert. Our depot takes pretty much everything. Terrace has curbside and all you hear is the complaints on what is excepted and what isn’t, citizens have to go to multiple sites to get rid of the rest. There are more important issues the City has to deal with than curbside recycling.


This is the industry group that offers and provides basic curbside recycling pickups in most parts of BC.

[quote=“Gracies_Mom, post:6, topic:17541”]
There’s nothing wrong with our recycling resources here in Rupert. Our depot takes pretty much everything.[/quote]

Agreed. The station is open all week, and I don’t mind taking a short road trip to drop off materials there.

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Motivate someone to go for a grant and start it up. Beats slinging burgers or waiting on your butt for LNG jobs.

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You were given helpful feedback. You over reacted a bit. PLA suggested that you nag the regional district.


Nope, nope, and nope.

Anyway, go nag the regional district.

PS: Don’t be too serious, we’re just having fun here.

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we used to have the blue boxes but the city charged for pick up, unless the city makes it easy for ppl to recycle they will not do it, look in Vancouver, they make ppl separate food scraps, cans and bottles, and paper, and I hear nothing but complaints from my relatives down there, cities should do like San Francisco recycling program where you don’t have to separate anything, they pick up your garbage and do it themselves in a big warehouse

You willing to pay what they pay in San Francisco?

It’s 2017 and you still have to beat some people about the head to get them to make a minimal effort to recycle. That’s what’s sick.
I wasn’t kidding. Got a pickup truck and need work? Go see Community Futures and make your own small recycling business.

Hi! We have been running a curbside recycling program (and business recycling program) since 2007 in Prince Rupert. It is not funded by the city but is a private program. We are Eco-Management Recycling and our customers love our service.
Pop on over to our facebook page where I am just updating our social media.

Our service is $20 per month for bi-weekly pickups at your curb. You can sign up by calling 250-622-8309 or by emailing

It will be great when the city decides to include recycling and composting in the waste management program…but until then maybe we are a good option!

Bags do not need to be sorted and we take all materials which can be recycled in the city. Nice and convenient.

We pick up. We sort. You do your part.

Happy Recycling!