Cullen to make "important announcement" tomorrow

Local MP Nathan Cullen is going to make some an “important announcement” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver tomorrow. At a meeting with supporters in Prince Rupert two weeks ago, Cullen promised that he would make a decision whether or not to run for the leadership of the federal NDP by the end of the month.

Now the end of the month is here, so it doesn’t take much to guess what the announcement at a major university within reach of the national media is going to be about. … 05008.html

OTTAWA — British Columbia MP Nathan Cullen, whose passion for social justice issues was stirred by a terrifying 1990s kidnapping incident in South America, will announce Friday he is entering the race to succeed the late Jack Layton as New Democratic Party leader, Postmedia News has learned.

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Nice enough guy, pretty reliable MP (on most issues) Not sure that the new Central Canada friendly NDP is going to want to hand over the Layton legacy to the guy from the boondocks though.

I wish Mr Cullen well in his attempt to be NDP leader.

I agree 100% …Nathan on most accounts does a wonderful job, and I would like to think he would be great as the federal leader, however as well as what you further state above, is he really ready yet? I always imadgine him in a role like that some day, but I wonder if he is ready just yet for that high profile a position? That said I though I wish him the best, but doing it too early in his career could do more harm than good.

odds of him winning not very good, more then anything by running he might be able to be king maker and get a nice post in opposition