Cullen in Town Sunday, October 6th

According to his facebook page Nathan Cullen will be in town Sunday, October 6th, 2013, 7pm at Cowpuccino’s. Topics include “the state of affairs nationally, the possibility of me running provincially, and some of the amazing campaigns we’re all engaged in”. There will be food. Everyone welcome.

Gotta say, it sure is a challenge to find out what is going on in Rupert without the good old Daily News.

Cowpuccinos? How exciting. Nice to know that as many as 10 of the constituents will be informed.

Haha! ++

Why the small venue… haha

It’ll give him the opportunity to claim that his appearance was
"a venue filling event".

Does anyone even care what this guy has to say? He has become irrelevant and has become massively detached to what is happening in the Northwest. All he cares about is bitching and complaining about the environment and his massive intent to keep this area of Canada in the gutter by trying to railroad northern gateway, oil by rail and the other oil/gas activity occurring.

Cowpuccinos? Yah we know exactly what “group” Cullen is catering to there…when is the NW going to wake up and see how useless this guy has been for this region?

I hope he does take a run at the provincial NDP because he will sink that party even further than Adrian Dix and Carole James have.

This guy is as useless as our ineffective mla Jennifer rice.

bthedog said," Yah we know exactly what “group” Cullen is catering to there…"

Who would that be? I thought I saw a poster where reps from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers were having a night at Cow’s.

I agree the venue is too small for an MP gathering.