CSI: New York

So I’m watching the first episode of the CSI: New York series (actually, it was a cross-over with CSI: Miami). Anybody know when the series starts officially? Which The Who song will they use?

So far it sucks even more than CSI Miami: instead of solving crimes with science, they are chasing a guy across the rooftops.

well the talk on the online forums is that the theme will be The Seeker by The Who.

one good thing about CSI NY is that they picked a better lead CSI then in miami

My money’s on “Baba O’Riley”.

My money’s on David Caruso not wearing socks!

I should change my last name to “O’Riley”

And your first name to Steve.

:open_mouth: I might want to pass on that one.

The only good CSI was the first one, whats CSI without Grissom and the original crew?


:open_mouth: I might want to pass on that one.[/quote]

Aw c’mon… what’s wrong with Steve? :wink:

I can think of a few things.

At least Eso doesn’t have a fro and a messed up accent.

2 votes for Baba ORiley…

Make that three.

you get CSI on the rock? it doesn’t come on until 10 and i know that ASN shuts down at 9:30. i’ve errn it :smile:

ASN? Huh?

We used to get CSI on NTV, but no more. Now you can only watch it on cable or satellite.

atlantic satellite network… someone put it onto the local air rebroadcast and was so f***n stupid they forgot to set timers. It goes off the air between 9 and 9:30 our time and shows a test pattern for the rest of the nite. Waste of a transmitter!
was just buggin’ you about the 1/2 hr time zone :open_mouth:

ASN is in Nova Scotia. They don’t have a half-hour time zone.

nfld does… wondermike is in nfld isn’t he?

it’s a secret plot. I know they must have “BC” jokes out there, somebody should tell us one