CRTC renders decision on internet billing

A little from column A and a little from column B for the CRTC when it comes to usage based Internet billing … le2237141/ … t-billing/

Which they already do. DSL resellers will get billed more for faster links.

so basically it will be up to citywest to decide to pick pocket its customers… aka share holders or not. My guess is 2.00/Gbyte.

I’m happy, I get to keep my business model. No caps!

Wow. We’re so screwed here in Rupert. I hope they at least bring a regulation into effect for geographically located cities and towns on the bandwidth reseller side (Telus) to limit the amount they can charge. If internet access grows out of control I fear the only positive action to take as citizens is to lobby for regulation and government subsidies (our taxes paid) to assist large corporations in providing regulated and consistent access to internet. Because I think if we’re at the mercy of our only internet provider up here, alot of us are gonna have to downgrade and not use the internet, rather than pay out even more money when this economy is already stretching the limits of how far our money can go.

DSL, cable, 3G, Xplornet, HughesNet, Galaxy available is what they’ll tell you. Any new startup will be dinged so high a rate it will make no difference.
I have no illusions that I’ll still be in business when my connectivity contract runs out, I can barely afford it at the rate I have now.