Cross Flow

I have been looking for a new plumber for quite some time here in PR.  I decided to try a new company in town.  I recently hired Cross Flow to fix my sink.  I was very impressed by his quiet, steady professionalism.  I heartily recommend this company! :smiley:

Ah you’re just impressed cause he probably left the seat up when he was finished eh!  :imp:

LMAO :smiley:

Always keep a balloon around when the plumber comes to your house:

You must be a relitive. I think Rip off Ray could do a better job.

I don’t doubt Tim’s work, in fact I would recommend him as well.  I dealt with him quite a bit through my work when he was with Saanich, but the name of his company doesn’t really instill a lot of confidence.

If anyone has a rudimentary knowledge of plumbing (other than the fact that shit rolls downhill) they know that “cross flow” is one thing that you do not want in your pipes.  That is when your cold and hot water lines are mixing together.  It would be like calling your construction company “Unsquare Contracting”.

More power to him though.  He seems to be doing well since he broke out on his own.

Nope.  I don’t know the man at all.  He does good work.  I stand by what I said.

I was very happy with Crossflow, he did a large job for me.

Although he does plumbing, I believe he also does furnaces; Hence, the Cross flow.  It is an energy efficient process that utilizes recovered heat to heat cold air. 

I certainly hope he doesn’t do work like Saanich does.

I switched from Saanich to Cross Flow.  He does good work:-)