Criss Angel's magic

Criss Angel Walks Through Glass

Can anybody tell me how he does it?

Sorry nauticalpixel…I’ll bring it back as it was

Criss Angel walks on water

Can anybody tell me how he does it?

walk on water revealed

walks through glass revealed

k now jus go on youtube and type “criss angel revealed” if you want to know the rest.

I wish I hadn’t watched those.  You’ve ruined the magic! :cry:

Don’t blame anybody but yourself Sweetheart.
Your own curiosity is the issue here.   :-)

An excellent theory on how he did the water walk.  I wonder if that is how he did it.  Criss is amazing. :sunglasses:

Criss Angel’s biggest skill resides in his ability to stage/produce the illusion in the first place.

Agreed.  All of his stunts/illusions baffle me; he is an impressive magician! :sunglasses:

honestly I dislike criss angels “magic”, most of his tricks are camera editing and poor actors playing “normal people” in the crowd. a real illusionists magic trick is very difficult to explain.

one example is Teller’s Shadows. there are many guesses to how this is done, some are very plausible, but i havent found a definitive answer yet.

although ill give criss angel some credit, i did enjoy his pickpocketing episode, he shows people on mainstream media how easy it is to get hustled.

sorry to the people who got their “magic” ruined, but that video doesnt have to be clicked  :sunglasses: i was just answering a question.