Criminal telephone scams

they called again the next day, I didn’t answer I was on my way out. Yesterday they called 7 times, every hour from 6am onward. I didn’t pick up. Never left messages. They must have Fridays off,
They did send another paper bill to her in the mail too.

I guess they’re hoping she’s somehow resurrected

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Lately we’ve had a lot of calls on our landline. The sales agent is always asking for my wife. She claims to be calling from MasterCard. She calls on a daily basis, sometimes twice daily. I’m retired, old, don’t have a life. Today I was mildly bored and decided to call up MasterCard. They don’t have a record of multiple calls to our landline. Grrrrrr. I plan to have fun the next time she calls. :slight_smile:

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MasterCard? OMG I didn’t know the scammers even know that exists. I only have ever got calls about the Visa card I don’t have being charged $1400 for an iPhone somewhere in Asia.
Was bored one day and answered a survey on my landline. They’ve been calling daily for months for me to claim the “prize” I won.
Plus I think President Biden is calling for my advice. There were seven missed calls on the list from “United States” but no messages.