Crime report: RCMP warn of fake credit cards being used in town

The week of July 12 - July 18, 2010 Prince Rupert RCMP received 231 calls for service. … 60469.html

The fake cards weren’t made very well though… they don’t swipe through the machine.  As any retailer SHOULD know… NEVER accept a card that doesn’t swipe. 

Also, ALWAYS hold onto the card until the transaction has been approved, and then make sure the signature on the card, and the signature on the receipt match.  If they don’t match, you are well within your right to ask for ID.  If the customer doesn’t want to provide ID… chances are they have something to hide and it’s not their card.  I’ve proved this.  Most customers are happy to know you are protecting them by making sure it’s the correct person using the card.