Crazy! Highliner fell over

Go check it out!

Classic billy

Good thing no one was too badly hurt.  Its a shame about all those cars though.  Do we know how it happened.  I know they had surveyours  there last week.

I hardly think it newsworthy that this dude fell over:

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So what fell?

billy, when he was a baby bot.

I am confused…what or who fell?

I to am confused

Is anyone out/up there able to fill in some gaps here…are we talking about a piece of wall falling over or something more substantial happening?

I’m going to guess that this is Billy trying to be witty and humourous?  That’s what I immediately thought since nobody has been able to confirm Billy’s rantings with proof. 

Does anyone have photos???

Well I seen the road by The Rupert pub closed off and emergency vehicles everywhere, anyone know what that was about?

that was pretty colorful

billy, as always, is trying to be the gossip queen of Prince Rupert.

At least he’s dropped the Barkerville routine, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some dude on a bike was laying on the ground when I drove by with people trying to help…before the paremedics got there.

I don’t know if anything billy writes can be defined as “classic”. :smile:

Not “classic, billy.”

“Classic Billy”


I love how there’s an ad for an IQ test at the bottom of this thread!  haha