? crazy french guy?


Who is the crazy french guy?

hackingthemainframe.com/coppermi … ode=normal


[quote=“Lemrac”]Who is the crazy french guy?


how do you know he’s french?


He is the guardian angel of HTMF.

If you were around on HTMF a long time ago, you’d know all about him.

Anyway, I think teh_gibs0n (or whatever his name is these days) had a bunch of photoshops done based on the Crazy French Guy.


I still have no idea what the Crazy French Guy had to do with HTMF, other than the fact his picture was plastered around here a lot a year ago.


Hit the wayback machine and see htmf as it was as far back as 2001!
Looks like MiG used Slashcode back then…

web.archive.org/web/*/http://hac … nframe.com


ya i saw the crazy freanch guy once, but that was on my old account. and why did he never leave a note hen he left and i agree with lemric wheres this freach guy form in france




Crazy French Guy