Crash and Burn

I dug out my tinfoil hat and now have it on good authority that Haliburton, at the request of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Dick Cheney manipulated George W. Bush to hire Blackwater to foment unrest in the Middle East and North Africa in order to manipulate the price of oil.

They are using their profits to sabatage NASA efforts at studying climate change. Since 2009, both satleites, intended to study climate change, that NASA has attempted to launch have been blown out of the sky by secret giant DARPA space lasers and failed to acheive orbit, thus buying time for the Anti-Climate Change Lobby to obfuscate and spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt until another launch is attempted.

Next, expect CIA induced rioting to take place in Venezuela or Alberta.

They’re all in on it. Here is all the proof I need. … -in-ocean/

I’m probably the person on this forum with the biggest “tinfoil hat”. And I really have a hard time believing anyone would let George Bush in on anything. Considering he’s a bumbling fool. But, I do know there is a such thing as government sponsored terrorism. Bush was just a puppet, just like Obama is, just like all the presidents have been for a long time. The last one that wasn’t, was shot and killed. Puppets don’t have to be informed of why they’re doing things, and they also don’t have to be manipulated, they know what they’re there for. And they also know who got them where they are. :wink:

OK, I was kidding about the conspiracy thing, but I find it disappointing that information that might help to enlighten some among the willfully ignorant is not being collected. The Globe & Mail has a better article on the failure to launch than the original one I posted. Link below. … e5564160e3

I do think that the loss of this satelite matters, as climate change is one of the most important issues affecting our well-being. Human caused or not, a warmer, stormier atmosphere will affect the existing natural and social order. There will be winners and losers, and it behooves us to arm ourselves with the best information available. It is a pity that another opportunity to inform ourselves has been lost.

This story does not seem to be receiving much attention in the media, although they usually pick up on stories like this. Opportunities for good visuals and graphics, expensive failures, the conspiracy angle… Perhaps this technical story is just being squeezed out of the headlines by the human drama unfolding in North Africa. I can’t be the only one interested, though.

If it is still able to communicate and transmit, this sattelite, may still be able to help study climate change…except not from earth’s orbit as had been planned, but from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which is where it is now.
Canadians will start to pay attention to climate change when global warming starts to affect the production of ice, for hockey and curling, as we are far too obsessed with these activities it seems.