CowBay this Thursday

I got a feeling Traffic is going to be insane down there on Thursday due the the bridge closure.  Maybe a tourist will get ran over.

Maybe it might just be you runnining over the Tourist? :imp:

It’s because you suck at driving.

Yesterday It was backed up past rona

Caused by billy’s shitty driving skills…

Oh relax - so instead of it taking 5 minutes to get wherever you are going it might take you 6?  Or 7?  Sheesh - go to a larger city and sit in traffic for an hour and only move 3 feet when there’s an accident - then you can whine about ‘how busy the traffic is in Rupert when the cruise ships are in and there’s construction going on’.

Sit back in what ever you are driving, put the tunes on real loud and pretend we are cool from down the bay. Mess them tourist right up by offering a real tour of the community. Crack Alley , Raffles, OV and last but not least the home of the chairman.

HAHAH…speaking of the chairman.  I saw an ambulance getting a stretcher ready for him outside the westend store.  He was slapping the mattress to see how comfortable it would be for him.
I laughed.  That was wed.  Maybe city hall and the Port get him committed for wed and thurs cruise ships!!!

You have to pretend?


Make sure it’s Green Day singing American Idiot when cruising past the cruise ship patrons.

That song is both bad and ironic.

So talking about the Chairman , my girlfriend came up to the hospital last night to see me and when she was leaving the chairman said or asked her, if she would push him home? So she asked him if he was taking the stairs? That girl of mine picks up bad ways.