Cow Bay Direction

Walk down to Cow Bay - observe the directional (DFT) 'ourist sign by Oceanwild, nice new cedar deck & stairs, looks good, take your compass with you!

We love to confuse the tourists …

It is pointing in the direction of the Alaska State ferry terminal,  the actual border might be out to sea a fair distance.  But Canada border services and Us Customs both have offices there. so the sign is correct,  if were to point in the other direction the tourists would go in the other direction and drive off rushbrook docks.

  I think as long as they know they can quickly board their ship, they don’t much care what direction they just came from  :smiley:  They want to know they can board and get back to their fancy boutiques and tanning salons  :wink:

I guess the Vancouver sign points to the scenic route? :laughing:

Ah well … one can always have a beer or glass of wine and some great food at Breakers before setting off.

Signs are on the wrong side of the pole.

But the Alaska state ferry terminal isnt 42 km away though. And anyone else notice that the North at the top of the post is pointing in the wrong direction as well?

The pole is the wrong way arond.

Someone should check this pole out, as it probably spins around in the wind like a weather vane? Very few tourists would even know where North or South are anyway!

The pole was taken down for the renewal of the Oceanwild storefront. Maybe the workmen were comedians?