Council scraps emergency building referendum

City council has decided to scrap a referendum to ask Rupertites if they wanted the city to borrow money in order to replace either the RCMP station, the firehall or both.

For the city to be able to borrow the several million dollars that it would take to replace any of those buildings they need to have a borrowing bylaw approved by voters. Initially, the council decided to use the upcoming municipal election to do the referendum vote thereby saving money that would be required to organize a separate vote. That idea was scrapped by the council on Tuesday night because they believed that there was not enough time for them to properly inform voters about the projects and their necessity before the vote happens. … 16673.html

If city politics were to be compared to football, this would be a punt!

Story updated with a reaction from Prince Rupert RCMP and information on possible time restrictions for a decision on new buildings.