Council plans public sessions on emergency building

After trying and failing to get a referendum on the issue in time for the last municipal election, the Prince Rupert City Council has decided take on the problem of replacing the city’s RCMP headquarters and fire hall.

Here we go again!!!Time to tell both to suck it up…we are broke!!Too damn many policemen and fire as well.Get rid of the "big"fire ladder truck that we don’t need.Watched them using it for attending a fender bender…GET REAL,get a pickup!

Soooo… were you a fire fighter?

We need to just bite the bullet and raise taxes and build a beautiful building.Interst rates are low
and rupert is going to grow.

Well both very important services have been asking council for many years now to have a building in which they could house both well needed services. When Pond was sitting in the big seat and full blown media man the issue was on the table . The fire hall is crowded and the structure looks like it was built when Adam was a foreskin . The cop shop has gone through changes in the front office part but if one goes into the cell block and the garage part , it looks like shit . I find it very frustrating to see how we can allow so many Beer and Wine Establishment to go up around town but all these empty store fronts up and down 3rd. avenue. It just seems like the City Council past and present never seem to be able to grow the right size Gonads when it comes to addressing serious matters. Such as the Fire/RCMP’s needs for a proper facility or
A Treatment or Detox Center. Just my thoughts and respect for what these two services do and the serious needs .

The picture in the article sure says a lot. That truck looks like it won’t fit in the door. Maybe before we pass judgement we should hear what they have to say. The meeting topics seem to be designed to answer some serious questions and I’m interested to hear the reasons why.

With the cop shop, they’ve submitted the first of three letters where if we don’t build a new station, the province will and charge the city for it. No choice for the city at all, really. Either get input on the design or don’t, but they’ll pay for it either way.