Council called into the Chambers for unscheduled appearance

Originally the Prince Rupert city council had most of the month away from chambers, the only scheduled council meeting for the month of June being that of the 22nd.

But there they were busy attending to civic duties on a Monday night, called to council for a special session…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 4267823439 )-

Perhaps one reason for unexpectedly reconvening in special meeting was so that a statement of how much civic officials and better paid employees are paid would be more likely to slide under the radar with minimal podunkian scrutiny and comment. :astonished: See pgs 42 - 43 of the following information disclosure: … Agenda.pdf

Very observant of you, it is an interesting list of payouts both for employee services and for material goods…  Seems to be some good renumeration for city work in tight financial times, likewise there seem to be quite a few local businesses that are gaining financially from their association with the city.  Though I’m sure that some are comparing figures and wondering what company A is doing that company B isn’t to gain such a gap in purchases. 

Good work though on finding some of the gems from the agenda.