Cougars in Rupert Again?

I just heard that Conrad School was warning students that a cougar was spotted near Maverick Mart… (as of November 21) I haven’t heard anything on the radio, or the Daily Snooze.  Has anybody else heard anything…  I already heard about the ones downtown :wink:

There was a story in the Daily last week, two girls about ten or eleven years of age went walking through the woods behind the maverick mart area and were supposedly stalked by the Cougar.

Haven’t heard any more about it since…

they would have been dead, if it was a couger.
I I realy dont think there is a couger here it is way to damp here, but i could be wrong and cant waite to see its pelt.

Hinterland Who’s Who entry on the Cougar:

Puma, Panther, Mountain Lion, Cougar.

Names of Apple operating systems, or a big cat on Kaien Island?

"… a climatic range from dry desert to extremely wet lowland tropical rainforest. "


“F.c. oregonensis is found along the Coast Range of British Columbia;”

I’m with Astrothug, though – proof would be a really clear photo or a dead cougar.

Not sure they’d sit still long enough for anyone to say cheese.


dude, there’s always cougars in rupert just go to the surf.

You can shoot them with something other than a camera, I guess.

LOL. man do you know how old that joke is… :unamused:

Not within city limits (well legally anyways)though if it were a case of the cougar or me, then somebody’s getting a nice jacket for the winter

You can always drop a bowling ball on its head.  So when walking through trails, make sure you carry a bowling ball.

Then I recommend that for safety’s sake, we always travel in a group and make sure that smartass is leading the way…

stanley_19 has better aim… he can lead the way.

I’ve always found that my hand-held Acme particle accelerator gives off a pleasing hum that repels cougars, wolves, and door-to-door evangelical Christians. :smile:

I caught it

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Ok I want one for home and one for work.  You should mass produce them and make millions!!

All right, will do:-)  I’ll first need to build a 300 meter deep concrete reinforced bunker in my back yard to house the production facility.  This will need to be secret.  I’ll post a sign in my front yard saying “Secret Construction Site- Please Ignore.” 
Then I’ll put on my tinfoil hat and contact the aliens that I am in regular communication with and ask them for permission to share their technology.  I wonder if I should make it backwards compatible with my gamma ray emitting cheese grater? :smiley:
My God this is silly. :smile:

Speaking of bowling balls… anybody want to buy a set of bowling ball? Two different sizes.