Cougar sightings?

Anyone else hear of cougar sightings over the last few days? 

Description - The cougar is a large animal with fur that is short and reddish-brown to grey-brown with white on the underside; the tail is black-tipped. The head is fairly small with small, rounded ears and large feet. The average adult male weighs 125 pounds and the female 100 pounds. The cougar is the largest wild cat native to British Columbia.

Distribution - The cougar occurs in BC from the Canada/USA border to Big Muddy River on the Alaska Highway. Although they have not yet reached the Queen Charlotte Islands, they can be found on most other coastal islands. This animal is found only in the western hemisphere of the Americas generally in mountainous areas.

I hear there are Cougars in the Crest Lounge

No, that establishment is far too nice.  I’ve heard they are at the Commercial or Oceanview - and oceanview is such a classy joint if you order a glass of wine they ask if you want small or large.  :unamused:

It is a classy joint if they bring the wine in a carton.  :smiley:

For the real live cougar, I know a few years back conservations caught one up just around Roosevelt school,that was part of the reason they "trimmed"back the trees up in that area((to what I understood))plus for the “foot” traffic safety.

lol look at the ad below now thats funny a cougar dating service :smiley:

lol too funny.  :smile:

I heard some kids talking about hearing sounds in the bushes on Hayscove Avenue.  Sounded like hissing sounds.  They were walking a dog.

coulda been a herd of madagascar hissing cockroaches  :smiley:

Or ferrel cats.