COUGAR on comox

Police were saying over scanner that there are very fresh tracks, and SEVERAL house pets have gone missing from the area. The cougar is believed to be meduim/large size!  Please be caustious…the Conservation’s in the news paper suspected it would not stick around town…well, I guess they presumed wrong…I hope that no one gets hurt.  :frowning: Nore the Animal get hurt…  :confused:

Cougar is Following kids around the golf course, Cops are warning people to stay away…

i thought tiger woods was back golfing not cougar woods?

must be his brother the one thats not into so much sex just into eating lol

Cougar Woods would be be his wife Elin, she wanders from course to course looking for cheating husbands ready to administer her trusty five iron!

eventually the cougar will be shot and killed because it will always come back knowing that its got er easy around here with all the deer fawns and small pets roaming outside like they shouldn’t be lol  … eventually someone will get hurt …  the cougar that is ha ha ha ha

yes i think ppl should b careful and watch their kids aren’t walking alone early in the morning or in a less populated area or in the evening,… but on stray animal population control… i favor the cougar… seems the wolf needed a lil feline back up.  :unamused:

Apparently another cougar sighting on Borden Street yesterday.

wonder what time that was at, cause my cousin at PRSS said that in there class they were told by the teacher that the cougar was spotted around the grounds and were told to take percaution.

I saw the Conservation Officers and the RCMP around the hospital this morning.  Lets hope they catch that cougar before someone gets hurt!

like i said before the cougar is the only one that will get hurt lol

warning prince rupert wildlife not welcome ha ha ha