Cougar in town?

Heard from two different people a cougar was sited up by the hospital recently.  True?

From the Tuesday Snoozle

By Christian Webber
The Daily News
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
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Principal Steve Riley from Roosevelt school is taking a cautious approach after reports from around Roosevelt Park of two cougar sightings, one on Thursday and one on Friday morning.

The reports came in from two individuals who said they witnessed the cougars and one who witnessed tracks in the area of the hospital on Saturday night.

“We’ve taken it pretty serious, we’ve stopped the kids going anywhere near the bush,â€

Opps, I forgot my glasses. Is that a Cougar or a Golden Retriever?

In further headlines - Several cougars spotted outside a local drinking establishment…

I spoke with a Conservation Officer a couple of years ago after the first reported sighting of a cougar in town.  I was concerned because it was reportedly seen very close to where I live and my home backs onto a green belt, a place where my kids play alot.  The officer told me that although it had not been confirmed, a cougar being in our community would not surprise him at all.  We are in a similar climate to Vancouver Island where cougars thrive and there is an abundance of deer, cats and other critters to feed on.  I then asked him why cougars would have travelled so far to get here.  He informed me that they wouldnt have had to travel far to get here at all as the closest confirmed sighting is halfway between here and Terrace.  It surprised me that they are so close as being a resident of Northern BC for most of my life I had not seen, nor had I heard of anyone else seeing a cougar.  It appears that we have new residents on our Island.  We should all expect that they are here and be cautious.  There have just been too many reported sightings to take them lightly.

I think people are reading into this a bit much, let’s look at facts and facts alone, there has been no confirmed sighting ever as far as I know on the north coast.  Cougars are solitary animals and like to be alone. The RCMP has looked in to this and are not concerned.  All these are facts. Now let’s look at what we have heard 2 cougars have been spotted, ( cougars are solitary animals, unless this is a mother and a yearling) in one area, Might I add the same area as wolf sighting’s, and this morning I could heard a wolf howling just off Sloan.  The prints left by the cougar was not verified and a cougar print looks somewhat like a wolf print to the untrained eye.
The sightings were witnessed by whom? The paper does not say, was it children going to school those mornings or someone out walking.
I believe this too be a case of mistaken identity, two wolves that have been spotted in the same area seem to match what people are seeing; the wolves that I have seen on video are small and scrawny, in the tree line they could be easily mistaken for a cougars because of the light colored coat.

Your funny! You talk of looking at the facts then talk of your “belief” in what this is. It is not bad that people are execising caution and you don’t have to feel put out that other animals could be using this environment other than your precious wolves.

Here is another fact to consider.  Cougars are predators and have been known to attack humans, including children. … &page=0169

Err on the side of caution my grandpappy used to say.

make what u want out if it, it goes without saying that cougars will kill a child given the chance, or enter your house through an open window especially when they are starving this has happened in Vancouver, the island and else were. What I’m saying given the geography and that there has never been a confirmed sighting in this area then it only makes sense it was mistaken identity; I also agree that caution is the rule of thumb: so stay out the bush, walk your children to and from school, or better yet give them a ride. 

Compton Island is  closer to Vancouver Island were Cougars are very well known… more so then on our coast…

Talking about animals entering buildings,  we have so many deer in New Brunswick that they even try to run for government.  The following is from the security cameras in the NB Legislature in Fredericton:

Judging by some of the humans we have elected over the years, the deer probably couldn’t be any worse… :unamused:

Judging by some of the humans we have elected over the years, the deer probably couldn’t be any worse… :unamused:[/quote]

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LOL, time for a standard disclaimer…

" The above thoughts represent a general observation of politicians of all levels of service and are not representative of any burning isssues in any little towns within the wired confines of htmf"


Too funny.  :smile:

This thing was also spotted taking these cougars for a walk on Sloan without a poop bag. Where is the bylaw officer when you need him?

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Probably was heading to last week’s Beer Gardens, in quest of Cougars and a little rumble in the rubble…  :unamused:

I heard some twiggy alien bastard was walking around with a leopard print leather jacket that was making the cat horny.

I also heard the cougar responds to the name Steve French and was wandering around town looking for munchies.

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