COSCO announces second weekly ship in Prince Rupert

On Wednesday the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) officially announced plans to bring a second shipping service into the Fairview Intermodal Terminal beginning on July 5, a service that will see a ship calling on the port every Saturday, and COSCO Canada executive vice-president Dave Bedwell says the new ships will mostly be larger than those currently using the facility.

“The current ships used today on the service, which is called the PNWS service, all of those ships are 5,500 TEU vessels. The second service, which is called the CEN service and focuses on cargo from North China, those ships are going to be a combination of two 5,500 TEU ships, two 7,500 TEU ships and one 8,200 TEU ship. The 8,200 TEU ship will be the largest ship that has ever called into B.C. watersâ€