Contractors committing to too many jobs

I am just curious if anyone else has been waiting almost a year to get work done on there house through a contractor? We’ve been put to the back of the list since Jan 2012 when everyones’’ pipes burst, if we’re not the only ones at least i’ll have someone else to sympathies with.

If you have been waiting that long…I would start looking to see if someone from Terrace or Kitimat could do the work…that’s ridiculous.

The insurance company chose the contracter and im worried if i fire them and choose my own or even do the work myself i’ll lose all chances of getting my rental loss back, we\ve phoned numerous times to the contractor and insurance company and only get back excuses. its coming to a point where we’ll have to sacrifice rental loss and pay to do it ouselves. very frusterating, but maybe i just dont know the whole story