Contractor Needed Big JOB Sewer and Water lines

1 NON STRATA Unit -One unit of a section of town houses looking for names and suggestion of possible contractors/companies to install a independent sewer line and water line where one has not existed. All units have shared for 40 years however repairs and replacements need to be done and no longer being strata is creating too much stress and drama, becoming a strata again is not a option. The Units have not been strata for at least 30 of those 40 years. The main cast iron line to all the units is getting to a need replacement stage.

This job would not be small, easy or cheap. New lines would need a driveway removed and redone, lots of jack hammering through what we can tell is one layer of driveway but who knows could be two. Driveway is actually covered so no big equipment can be used because of lack of clearance. Would need to take up some if not all of the daylight basement floor to bring the new lines in. Also while the floor is up, we would like to replace the section of joint line to the unit on the end so that when the floor is replaced it doesn’t need to come back up. Driveway and lowest level of unit are below street level.

Existing sewer line goes down main units driveway and splits to both sides, we would be completely capping our own unit off from the main and going independent. We would also need to have city involved for the tie in. We are looking for someone who can handle the concrete work as well. We want a complete job, with someone who can handle it with confidence. My husband and myself have never done this work, we will have questions but we won’t pretend to know how to do your job, or even want to help. We would also be open to having the driveway work possibly started before winter, take up our old driveway/ways and just fill it so next summer the concrete work outside of our unit is handled.

Yes we know it’s a big job, a very big difficult job, and expensive. As the building being non strata it posses its own problems you can imagine. We have the right to have our own plumbing and as we want to line this up for next spring we are wanting to hammer this all out now. We have quotes from Saanich and Wood & Steel , for if all the units just want to redo a portion of the main that services us all, but we do want other options for ourselves.

I’m sure as I am not a contractor this description is crued and not in proper terms, but any help would be greatly appreciated. If a contractor happens to see this and would like to take a look please email me at or txt 2506007886 ty all very much.

Is this for the town houses on 4th ave? So glad i talked someone out of buying down there a while ago.
my heart goes out to you and wish you luck

nope not 4th or 9th