Construction to Begin 2008

I just noticed on the Royop website that construction is set to begin 2008.
The layout looks much better than the previous layout

if they want that place to actually get built on time (uh hum casino) and on budget, they should do two things that others seem to forget

  1. pay people more then a slaves wage of 10 dollars an hour
  2. don’t pay any workers until the end of the entire project (nobody has tried that here but imagine how many days wouldn’t get missed)

Talking about  Construction Phase 1 at container port is nearing the end, people out there started to get laid off Wensday with everyone else getting their pink slip in the next few weeks. Phase 2 will start next year sometime it will not be soon, the tender for bidding has not even gone out yet.

I’m sure there are other reasons why Phase 2 will not go head asap, but that is for another time…