"Conspiracy Theories are Harmless"

QAnon’s ‘Queen of Canada’ Calls for Followers to ‘Kill’ People Vaccinating Children

QAnon influencer Romana Didulo told her 70,000 followers that "duck-hunting season is open” and by ducks she means healthcare workers, politicians, and journalists.

Wow. That’s sickening. I hope that she’s charged with inciting violence.

A friend just told me his doctor said not to bother getting his 2nd shot because “the vaccines don’t work”.
He’d gone because he had this bone chip in his elbow that hurt and was swelling. Doctor sent him away with what looks like half his nutsack dangling from his left elbow… just gross.
I think the doctor just hates his guts.
Or maybe the Medical Board exiled Doc to the Fort to get rid of him.

That is insane! I’m guessing he’s advocating the use of horse de-wormer and bleach to combat Covid-19. How is that Doc practising medicine?!
I’m a fan of the USA and have visited there from time to time. No longer. The USA is a dumpster fire. I fear that they’re going to give The Donald a free pass on his various crimes. If that happens democracy is over in the states.

if that is true that Doc is a nutcase and should be reported to the medical board


Far more likely that the friend is full of shit.
He read it on some mimeographed rag handed out by some nutter at a rally he passed by and got all confused.
You know. like a lady friend of ours who told us that she doesn’t know what to think about climate change.
Being a polite humble guy I didn’t tell her to learn HOW to think first…

It’s crazy how many people believe all this Q bullshit too. How many literally went to Dallas to wait for JFK Jr. to arrive?