Confirmed rumour!

Click on the details and tell me what you see.

Yes, a lot more detail now, including Canadian Tire.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Wow. Something actually confirmed for a change…lol


Does anyone know what else may move in there?

I think Moxie’s would work really well there since Rupert has already had Boston Pizza .

Nobody knows what else is going in there… that’s why this was posted. Canadian Tire is the first semi-cofirmed retailer.


Well, that’s lame then.

The parking looks horrible. It should have been underground. Or in a parkade. I guess it’s just cheaper to do parking on the land…bah…so bad.

So just judging by the square footage buildings, i would say they are shooting for 2 fast food joints, and 2 chain restaurant places.(Guesses, boston pizza, maybe a cactus club)

My bet is there will be an A&W restaurant:

Interesting… man I love the internet. :smile:


A&W seems like a good idea until you get one :wink: we have 5 here and the last time i went was 2 years ago during the summer… my milkshake melted and was still the consitancy of ice cream

You’ll have to excuse us little Podunkian people, you see when your fast food choices in town range only from Ronnie Macs to the hot dog guy on third avenue and that strange looking hot dog machine at the 7-11, getting an A & W is almost cause for a civic celebration.

We don’t have the luxury of ignoring five outlets like you big city slickers, so bring on the ole A & W it will make a nice change in the cholesterol count for the town! It will also save the environment as Rupertites will no longer drive to Terrace just to get a different tasting hamburger… :unamused:

I was there when fast food places were limited to dairy queen and when mcdonalds came it was quite exciting… and then about 2 weeks later it lost its appeal. Personally I would rather see rupert get a decent chain restuarant rather than another fast food place for people to get fat from.

Gotta love Gordie’s burgers and fish and chips!

Herbie’s in Cache Creek.

I agree.  Green Apple and La Gondola make the best hamburgers I’ve ever had.  So what if you have to wait a bit longer?  It’s worth it.

It’s also worth noting that, while Rupert may not have a lot in terms of chain restaurants, the local choices more than make up for it.  For a town that small to have so many ethnic choices–Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian Greek–is pretty cool.  Not to mention a place like Rain.  I went there when I came back for Christmas last year and I was very impressed.

Oh yeah, and as for fast food, how can you forget the Samosas from Zorba’s?

mmmmm veggie samosas with chutney… that’s some good stuff. 

I miss the resturants in Rupert. They are soo good. Especially the chinese places. The ones here in Victoria are trash. They use canned chicken :frowning:

Can’t believe you have no A&W. Even Hooterville has KFC, Subway, Timmies and A & Rubberchew.
Whoever has a free block around lunch and a car at FSJ High usually takes orders and drives down to Subway from here. Subs and donuts last the 40 min drive, burgers go soggy.

i may be showing my age here but i vote for bringing back the pagoda
and have a chowmain bun or two :stuck_out_tongue:

If you look at the drawing of the site, in the upper right corner there is a blue square. Although it is a bit fuzzy it appears to say Tim Horton’s and with the parking and layout it most likely is at least a fast food joint.