Confederations Cup

Unfortunately I’m off to Terrace to pick up a passenger from a flight, since apparently Rupert doesn’t have a Saturday afternoon flight anymore (don’t ask!).

But I have $16 riding on the Spain - South Africa game.  Hope someone texts me the result!

Phone your bookie, you made some coin…

Would have been more, but the odds were pretty low.  Hah!

My brothers at Akwesasne have me down for Brasil in tomorrow’s game.  The odds are a bit higher there, but still…

LOL, well it will be hard to go and collect, if I"m not mistaken that’s the place that has closed access to the bridge due to some difficulties with CBSA.  Like they don’t want them to carry guns at their border crossing…  You’ll have to wait til the heat dies down to go get your cash.

Ah they have paypal.  And it’s actually based in Austria somewhere, with the North American division based in Kahnawake (not Akwesasne – my mistake).

Even Montreal’s fans found something of an odour causing nature in their game with Toronto last week. … story.html

Can’t remember what the crowd was like for the few minutes I watched yesterday, but then again it was only the last half I watched a bit of.

Well looks like my Brasil bet is safe with 3-0 at halftime.  Including an Italy own-goal.

Surely from Italia, that’s not an own goal, more of a mis directed pass? :astonished:

So it’s going to be Spain-USA and Brasil-South Africa for the Semi-finals!  Looks like it could be Spain-Brasil for the final!

What in the name of Juan Antonio… USA 1 Spain 0 after forty five minutes

Oh oh, may not have that final after all :wink:

Ole Ole Ole Ole USA USA USA

Holy raging bulls of Pampalonia, upset of upsets…

USA 2 Espagnol Zero, nada, negatory zilch

Tim Howard should be fielding phone calls for a new contract a new team maybe, what a match he played…

Ole Ole Ole and out…

I’m hoping for Brazil in the finals. Nobody plays soccer like the South Americans. :smile:

What the heck is the purpose of the tourney? I get it “so we can have great soccer in the early summer” but with the Euro Cup, the Olympics, The U-21 and the World Cup (of course) this tournament seems purposeless.

From Wiki:

Meh. I guess its better than baseball.

What the heck is the purpose of the tourney? I get it “so we can have great soccer in the early summer” but with the Euro Cup, the Olympics, The U-21 and the World Cup (of course) this tournament seems purposeless.[/quote]

Each confederation sends its current champion (plus World Cup winner + host).  To determine which confederation is better? :wink:

Or are you asking why have a tournament in the first place?  I guess the purpose is the same purpose that every tournament has.

The Euro Cup, U-21 are UEFA only, and the Olympics isn’t FIFA.   None of these teams competed in those tournaments.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the game.  I was doing a tour of a place where we had to surrender our phones, so I didn’t even know the score until the end.  Who scored the USA goals? 

Hmmm, surrender your phones, you been spending time in the courts?

Anyways, Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey scored for the USA, Dempsey named man of the match, though I thought that Howard was spectacular in the AMerican nets as the Spaniards certainly pressed the USA hard during the game…

Still the US was full value for their win… … mmary.html

Maybe this demonstrates that MLS is producing some world-class quality?

Both players are products of MLS teams, though they both play in Europe now. Dempsey in England, and Altidore in Spain.

Oh, and couldn’t use my phone because it has a camera on it.  This place has an interesting connection with Prince Rupert, but I’m not really supposed to talk about it :wink:

Ah you must have been on Johnny Depp’s yacht, we seem to think that he’s in town…  Hope he gave you some free passes for Mobsters when it arrives :smiley:

Ah er, Public Enemies, the name of the movie is Public Enemies, if he offers you tickets to something called Mobsters turn him down :blush:

Thought for a while there we were on the verge of an upset for the ages, what with the USA having a 2 to 0 lead, but in the second half we saw the Brazil that has been made famous.

Nice comeback, to snare infamy from their future, felt kind of bad for the American team they clearly played as good a game as they may ever play, but in the end Brazil was just too strong and determined.

Brazil 3 USA 2 … ing+finale