Condolences to Mig

Shhh, Mig needs some time to reflect…

Germany 3- Portugal 2

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Ah come on, you don’t get to gloat unless you make predictions.

RR gets to gloat, as does Jees :wink:

Good game, those set-pieces were awesome.

This game is what soccer should be!  The Italy-France game is what soccer shouldn’t be: Boring!

The TSN commentators were saying “poor defending” from Portugal.  I call BS.  It wasn’t poor defending, it was cunning work by the German.  I think Portugal played a great game but Germany played better. End of the story.

Gloat! Gloat! I wasn’t gloating, was merely offering up my sincere best wishes in this time of personal tribulation…

Oh by the way, they need to work on the defensive part of the game sorry Big Thumb, but there were a few times when the defenders did indeed appear to be out of position… :smile:

But couldn’t the germans be good at deceiving the defense?  By saying that Portugal, the vice-champion team from 2004, with a squad of highly skilled players was playing poor defense, the commentators were downplaying the great plays that Germany made.  Ballack is an awesome player who, on his goal, would have been very hard to defend against by anyone.  The first goal was just a great one timer coming from a great sprint, and again, tough to defend in the penalty zone. 

Also, Remember that the defense is trained to play the offside trap and sometimes, it doesn’t work.  That’s when the defense looks like it’s out of position.

I just find it sad when people who present the soccer game see a 3-2 score and right away they talk about bad defense instead of talking about great open play and lots of scoring chances.  If Portugal played bad defense, then Germany was worst because the official stats show 6 shots on goal and 12 shots wide by Portugal versus 5 and 5 by Germany. That seems to be an indication that Portugal had more opportunity to score but couldn’t finish.

The first free kick was Germany’s deception.  Well done.

The second free kick was Portugal’s defense (the keeper) not realizing the exact same thing was happening.

That second free kick won the game for Germany.

Portugal’s reaction to being 2-0 is classic Scolari – throw everything at them.  Reminds me of another Scolari-versus-Germany game from the past.

I truly don’t recall making a prediction and if I did, I assure you it was in jest. (Rats! No confused emotioncon.)

Sorry, confusing RR with JJR! 

It’s JJR that gets to gloat! (Jees too)

No reason to be sorry, I just make a habit of not accepting false credit. :wink:

OK, it’s a bit off topic but funny as hell…

Railway changes orange strip to avoid mixup

By Mark Ledsom

BASEL (Reuters) - Switzerland’s national railway has told its workers to stop using their normal orange reflective vests after confused Dutch soccer fans started following them on to the tracks.

A railway spokesman said the changed strip had been prompted by an incident in the Swiss capital Berne when a group of Netherlands supporters followed a worker on to the lines after mistaking his uniform for their traditional orange dress.

“We have now given out yellow vests to all our staff who have to work on or cross the tracks in Basel, where the Dutch fans are now based,” Oliver Tamas said Friday.

the rest is here…

Oh I won’t gloat  :smiley: and on another funny note - I ended up in the hospital here in Terrace over the weekend and missed two quarterfinal matches.  But it turns out the consulting surgeon is a big soccer fan and made sure I got out late yesterday to prepare for tomorrow’s semifinal between Germany and Turkey.  And maybe my original prediction will be correct - Germany and Spain in the final - with Germany winning of course!