Concerts in Rupert!

I am from a big back east city, having only been in Rupert less than 8 years and during that time I have seen 3 fantastic concerts that have been somewhat outside my “listening” area, all but one anyway. I love rock and blues and thought that I would never have the chance in Rupert as I don’t do the bar scene except one fave, to take advantage of much of the music culture but lo and behold I have had the chance to see Michele Wright(awesome!), Rita Chiarelli(FABULOUS!!) and the Stampeders(Very Good) all at the PAC. Rita is a back home girl and played to a full house, was amazing. I wish she would play here again. I had thought of heading down to the Underground to see Colin James as I had seen him in Toronto but I guess i didn’t miss much according to you guys out there. If you hear of anyone coming to town please post it as some events are not advertised as much as they should be until we complain that we missed it!@@!@!  We have some great bands in town too-got to be proud of the home grown scene here, great talent@!@!