Computer shuts down after

Computer shuts down after windows splash screen,  installed Ubuntu as it would accept a clean install of vista, it worked for a week, and now shuts down after the ubuntu splash screen.

I am thinking it is a hard drive issue and might need replacing.

Any other ideas???

try a live cd

There is a new Virus out there that dont show up when do anti vrius thing, talk to  one of the computer places, I use Data boy

Shuts down as in power goes off?

Can you open the case and look for leaky capacitors?

Or video driver gone mental…

Dowload and run the hard drive utility from the manufacturer of your hard drive. That should tell you if your drive is failing or not.
Any other hardware changes?
Could be a zillion things…as simple as a faulty power cable to your cpu overheating, which would be a good thing to look at while booting up…see if the cpu fan is spinning.

I’d suspect a virus based on ‘auto-shutdown’

Bah, two seperate OS’s doing the same thing, it aint the driver, and it isnt the hard drive, those are red herring’s. Open the case and check if the fan on the video card has failed if it has one, it sound suspiciously like a video card overheating. If there is no fan on the video card or if it does but it is working and its heatsink inst clogged up with lint or a hairball then its the video card itself, that is the most likely culprit. See if you can borrow a cheap video card and pop it in and have it go away. Another possible culprit is the cpu itself is overheating, one other possiblility is the power supply has calved, focus on those itens and I am sure you will discover the problem.

Lots of times the video driver will make Windows bluescreen and reboot so fast you never notice the bluescreen. But it should hang or reboot, not just die.
Same with Ubuntu. Hang or go nuts after the splash screen, not die.
Try another video card. One that uses the same slot.

Got it working,  I think,  It asked to run a fsck on start up  (ubuntu).  I thought I might add a new video card,  would not connect,  so i took it out,  now it will not run the on board video,  added a new cheap video card,  works well now.  We will see,  I’ll keep you posted.
thanks for the help