Computer Pranks

Yes Ive played a few computer pranks to people here in the office. Though I dont know if these are listed in there.

My favorite one was changing one fellows autocorrect dictionary in Word so everytime he typed out ‘the’, Word would autocorrect it to ‘teh’.

Took him a week to figure out that Word was some screwed up. When he asked a few others around the office what might be going on they just shrugged. When he finally came to me I couldnt hold back and burst out laughing…and he knew I jiggered it…it was driving him mental…

Another one I did on him a few weeks later was to do a print screen of the desktop, save it as a BMP file. Then moved all the shortcuts off the destop to another folder. Then used the BMP file as the desktop wallpaper. You can double click those icons all you want but it wont do a thing…

Tehat’s so funny man. hey did you do it to tihs computer? Teh spelling is wierd. :laughing:

I loved it when I could open someone else’s cd-rom from my house. I’d be talking to someone, they’d go get a drink or something… then I’d ask if they had a cupholder near their computer… if they didn’t, boom, I opened the cd-rom. It was sweet!

I try to do one to the entire network on April Fool’s Day every year.

We’ve done the double-click MS Word, and your CD-ROM tray will open at the same time, the desktop wallpaper, the bouncing icons.

My favourite was this year – I pushed a program on every computer on the network that would randomnly insert letters when typing.

Too funny.

Oh, and who can forget ?

that was the best…

I knew someone working for the BC Provincial government in Victoria who used to sneak over to his friends’ computers and change the home page on their browsers to something like Of course, they wouldn’t even think of such things nowadays, because they’d probably get fired for sexual harassment or something.