Completely redone house

New Listing
Completely redone inside and out 3brm 2.5 bath home.
New everything in the last 5 years.
Complete build out pictures at
$160,000 - Seller Motivated
250-622-8421 for details


Any photos of the FINISHED rooms?

[quote=“Princess of Power”]Location?

Any photos of the FINISHED rooms?[/quote]

Going out on a limb here, but since the photos are logged as Sherbrooke 354 I’m guessing that it’s on Sherbrooke Avenue

Based on the URL, I’m going to assume it’s 354 Sherbrooke Ave (Sherbrooke is a quiet little side street off of 11th East).

Here it is on Google Streetview: … CMwCF2YJ_A

Thanks Eso. I’ve never been on that street. I’m toying with the idea of selling my place and getting a different place, but I’m looking to be much closer to downtown.

So now the question for htmf detectives is, considering the flurry of For sale items posted today, does this mean that photoguy is preparing to bid farewell to our little town?

354 Sherbooke it is. Quiet hood. RCMP live up 4 doors.

Photos??? You’d think that I of all people would have photos of my house but I don’t. I have a showing already for Saturday so will get some before then when the house is all spotless. lol

As for the moving… well mostly I’m making about $30-35K a year less than I was when I bought the house and I can’t make the payments anymore. If I can rent somewhere less fancy then we’ll be fine but right now its my truck or the house. One of them has to go. I need the truck for work so selling the house would be so much better.

And the flurry of items, well I gotta get the place cleaned out organized so it shows well something about the collection of rims and tires in the back yard kind of detracts from it. lol.

Ah you’re no fun, you replied far too fast!

Was trying to stir up the ever famous Prince Rumour machine, could have had this go one for who knows how many pages with how many rumours.

Oh well, shall troll elsewhere I guess, good luck with all the sale items and hope you get some nibbles on the homestead.

Well I got a bunch of photos posted finally of the finished interior. Feel free to check them out.

here’s the living room

Well… It looks like we are moving out of town.
House is still for sale.

[quote=“photoguy”]Well… It looks like we are moving out of town.
House is still for sale.[/quote]

Really, how come? Good luck with the sale, hope that its a fast paced prospect.

I got a really good job offer with the Kamloops Daily News so will be heading there the end of May. If the house doesn’t sell I’ll be able to afford the mortguage and pay rent in Kamloops so I’m liking that idea.

Good luck on your new adventure. Have you thought of renting the house? With the announcement of the second phase of the container port starting in the first half of next year there will probably be a spike in real estate prices coming.

Kool aid, Kool aid, get your Kool aid here.

I thought about renting but its easier to sell if there’s no renters.

So now I need to hire a couple guys to load my UHAUL on Saturday of the May long weekend. Any able bodies want a job for a couple hours. Please let me know 250-622-8421 or

I sure wish we could buy a house…just in passed 5 years,We have paid 36 thousand just in rent :frowning:

Smurfette I didn’t say that the container port expansion would go ahead. The talk of it going ahead will be enough to get outside lookieloo’s to sniff around and raise property values. At least for a short time before they go back down when nothing comes of the expansion. No Koolaid here.