Compared to soccer, hockey is nothing but a penny ante game

Kaka to Real Madrid… … eal-madrid

Ronaldo also with Spain on his mind and standing by to sign on the dotted line… … eal-madrid  

Maybe the Canadian government should start selling off citizens to Real Madrid, we could reduce our growing deficit in just three or four transfers… :smiley:

Me first… uh… er… for patriotic purposes, of course.

Hmm might take a few more transfers than I originally thought I guess…

ouch :frowning:

Well I guess that 30 cents per word value that jack pays me won’t grant Canada a large transfer fee return.

It’s a no-brainer for Ronaldo.  Compare Madrid to Manchester.  Women actually attend soccer games in Madrid!

Ah I didn’t mean to huwt your feewings, just having a wittle bit of fun…

I’m sure you’re worth at least one shift at the new and improved General Fund Motors :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh God your thread title is scary!
What if we’d shelled out $150 million for Sundin???