Compare and Contrast

A little exercise:

Compare this:

With the original:

That was brilliant!  Alanis is a genius, she has managed to completely take the piss out of the hip-hop Black-Eyed Peas version and turn it into a beautiful song with absolutely stupid lyrics.  It really shows what can happen when something is taken out of context.

It’s obvious that Alanis’s version is a satire.  But do you think that the Black Eye Peas intention was to poke fun at all the hip hop bimbos and pimps?  There is a lot of irony in their lyrics.  I wonder if they didn’t allow Alanis to cover the song because their own version didn’t get the effect they wanted:  to ridicule the hip hop sexploitation/mercantilism attitude.

That would be harder to determine.  I haven’t heard a lot of the Black-Eyed Peas, but what I have heard seems pretty decent.  That said, their video didn’t seem to point towards poking fun at the traditional hip-hop misogyny, but you may be right.  After all, they did allow Alanis to make the version that she did.

well black eyed peas also did the video “discover hip hop” making fun of how hip hop was being de-funkified by consumption by the unfunky and unhip white majority.  so they seemed cool.  until they went POP like a bottle of cristal all over your babys mommas chest skeet skeet skeet when they picked up fergie ferg. 

so i donno where i stand on those chumps now.  as far as being hip hop duders, id rate them a solid C- and i’d rate fergie fergs humps a solid and stompin a+ compared to alanis’.  sorry alanis.  everytime i try to fantasize about your humps you’re whining about it being ironic or something

fo- shizzle.  did i overuse enough hip hop aphorisms in this post ? word out dawg.