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I  am investigating moving to Prince Rupert next year.  I am interested in working as a Psychiatric Nurse. Apparently rural BC is in desperate need of them, but I don’t know if this would apply to Prince Rupert.  I have a few questions on life in Prince Rupert that I need help with to decide if I’d fit there.

Are there off-leash areas for dogs?
Apparently shopping is restricted; are there any fabric or yarn shops in Prince Rupert?
What kinds of social activities exist for people who don’t drink?
Are there any Buddhists in Prince Rupert?
Approximately what percentage of the year does it rain there?  If it tends to be in one season vs the others, please mention that too.
How would you describe the community attitude?  Liberal, traditional, closed, open…etc? What I am curious about is how welcome single people are.  Some places view singles as highly suspicious, others are more casual about it. 
How much do monthly groceries and haircuts tend to cost? Where can you buy groceries (what stores, farmer’s markets, etc).
What kind of healthcare (traditional and alternative) is available locally?
How many good second hand shops are there?
Do you have any recommendations for local doctors, mechanics or hair stylists?
What are your top 5 tips to try and top 5 things to avoid for  newbies to the area?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.

to your quary

Psychiatric Nurse" yes there is a need.
Are there off-leash areas for dogs? "yes"
are there fabric or yarn shops in Prince Rupert? "yes"
Are there any Buddhists in Prince Rupert? "yes"
single people are welcome.
How much do monthly groceries and haircuts tend to cost? Where can you buy groceries (what stores, farmer’s markets, etc). same as everywere else
How many good second hand shops are there? two, one salvation army, and a pawndshop and freecycle prince rupert.

Do you have any recommendations for local doctors, mechanics or hair stylists? mechanics see entire dwayne owns it great guy.

other can help you… in other area’s

Boy, does this area ever need a psychiatric nurse.

you know Mike I have met  people in rupert who were psychiatric nurses and left the field. they needed a change in pace from what they were doing. and actually one took a lower paying job. the nurces here are not qualified to deal with a person with mental health issues at the hospital not for the long term anyways.

rupert itself is pretty much off leash for dogs

there is a need for psychiatric nurses but like others have stated those who have come have left the field…one was so frustrated she went into the legal proffesion as a child advocate. You will be faced with overwhelming need …serious lack of resources and apathy. It will be a good test of  buddhist practice.

There are some buddhist but most practice privately no organized groups. Nearist is Prince George and Ancorage.

Shopping is restricted alot travel to the next town terrace for shopping.

It not only rains alot but is cloudy alot as well which can last several months I recommend getting a SAD light from costco before you come up. But there has been some improvement with the weather thanks to global warming. Stays pretty mild no four seasons here.

There use to be a large middle class in Rupert but since the economy has hit rock bottom things have changed drastically including the community attitude. It is still very much a multicultural town very much integrated compared to other communities but unfortunately the level of intolerance has much increased.

Single people are welcome …but there are some groups that are hard to get into. Part of this is that the town has quite a transient population. etc …here to payoff student loans then gone.

Groceries are limited to the major food chains like safeway. There are some farmers markets type opportunities but very little.

Rupert is a town slowly rebounding from taking a huge economic hit. There will not be alot of the stuff here that you are looking for. But the cost of living is much lower then the lower mainland except groceries and if you are an outdoors person there is no better place.

But it sounds like maybe nelson is the type of place that you are looking for.

Also check out
And contact
They used to give out information about people interested in relocating to Prince Rupert.

I wouldn’t rely just on the opinions of the people on this forum. Don’t completely disregard the forum but it would be a good if you used it as a part of collection of information about Prince Rupert.

Everyone seems to have given good answers to your requests but I would have to suggest that you visit Rupert before you make any commitments and stay for at least two weeks…I wish I had taken that advice when I moved out from Ontario almost 10 years ago. I have made a life for myself here but am always in search for another job etc. It is very isolated here, closest town is Terrace, 100 miles away, rains most of the time but a moderate climate as we only have snow for maybe 1 week annually. Stores are limited, Zellers, Reitmans for women and a few boutiques that cater to most of the teens etc. Eateries are good, food shopping, Overwaitea, Safeway and Extra foods. No open market here but one in Terrace. As for social activities, well, if you are into sports, GREAT or fishing, FINE, but not a great deal to occupy you. You have to be resourceful and make your own fun! There is a large problem with drugs and alcohol and with a new casino opening soon, well, need we say more…I would suggest Chilliwack, or the Okanagan, Penticton or as another poster suggested, Nelson or even Kamloops. We have a nice town, but you do give up a great deal to live here…Keep us posted on your progress :smile:.  Oh, there is a fabric store but very expensive so everyone goes to Fabricland or WalMart in Terrace and we have one second hand store besides Sally Ann, also expensive and very few items…Haircuts, depending, a style up to $110.00 at one salon or a cut only at the barbers $10-15…

As you can see here, there’s enough crazy people to keep your job secure!!!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  LOL …  Should I be offended??? Or just stay tuned to all the other voices in my head :confused:

Well I have been here since 1980 and yes there are things which one must put aside or give up moving here. But put aside the drugs and alcohol problems , for the most part people are great here and when one goes shopping downtown (two main streets) if walking about , it may take you much longer because people love to stop and talk or coffee it together. I find that if one is strong in himself or herself they can bypass much of the negative shit that makes a community. There are hurdles that we jump to carry on with ones life and just enjoy the space you have built and secured. We do have everything a Big City has but the problem is much of it is negative. It is Very Beautiful when the sun shines and the waterfront what is left of it considering the bullshit super port has claimed so much with crappy CN , is very relaxing especially when you are with the best company.

As for other things to do besides sports, there are very active theatre AND music clubs in town that are very welcoming, not clique-ey.

First off, I want to say that i am happy with your interest.  I work for an agecny that employs the only psychiatric nurses in town, and if you are interested, you can check out  the NortherHealth website www/  If you look under careers, you will see the listings availble.  Our agency will probably be posting a position in the near future, and once agin if you check the site, it will be there.

Good luck and hope to be working with you in the future!!


Thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer my questions!  It speaks wonderfully of your city.  As to judging the need for a Psych Nurse based on self professed craziness, well, I’d be first admitted;)

I had actually read up on the dog bylaw…and after reading a post here where someone talked about dogs roaming around town, I was amazed to find out how cheap the dog license is!  But that’s a good thing for me.

I’ll take all your advice to heart, especially visiting, since you can’t just a book by its cover.

Just a bit of info… there are no official off leash areas.  I assume you are talking of the fenced in version?

Good post lemrac.

Dogs have to be leashed!!!  Cats should be leashed.  There is no official place as an off leash park.  People do it…just be prepared for the fall out of your dog is an ass or another dog and its owner is an ass.

Some people should never be let off a leash either!

“I see stupid people.”