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How about the english sign painter? He also did the Santa Claus for the coast guard for many years.

awesome job man, these are really well done. it’s dudes like rob that keep this city alive.

Hey all. Just a quick update.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback. When I hear that people enjoy the interviews it gives me more of a boost to keep going. With that said I will be taking a bit of a break as I will be traveling to Asia again for a couple months, returning in September.

I have already recorded a short interview with Jim West of Jim West Signs but I have to collect a bit more footage before I can post a finished product. Hopefully I will get to that on my return.

If you guys enjoy my work please check out my travel blog at There is no content yet but I hope to post frequently when I’m on the road. On this trip I should be stopping by Japan, Korea, Thailand and hopefully Laos.