Colin James Show

Colin James with guest Chris Caddell , Nov. 2nd/11 @ The Lester Centre. What a great way to spend out of a Rupert rainy windy night. Last time I saw Colin James was back in 2006 when he came up with Craig Northey of “The Odds” and played at “The Underground”. Back then as now he puts on a great show. The Lester Centre was probably a good 3/4 full and were all treated to a selection of his tunes over the years. Such songs as “Just Came Back”, “Five Long Years”, “Freedom”, “National Steel”, “Into The Mystic”, “Voodoo Thing” and “Keep On Loving Me Baby”, just to name a few. Stage was set up just like two guys kickin’ back and playing in their living room, table and lamp between them. Very minimal lighting. Colin James started the evening on mandolin and progressed through various acoustic guitars, including a beautiful National Steel guitar and getting some mileage from his black Fender Strat. I really liked Colin’s version of a Van Morrison classic, “Into The Mystic”. Other standouts for me were, “National Steel” and “Voodoo Thing”. A pleasant surprise was Colin’s guest player who accompanied him all evening. Namely Chris Caddell, who I had never heard of before. Hails from the Toronto area. Has a cd called Chris Caddell and The Wreckage, which was available for purchase, so I did. He was distinguished by his huge shaggy mane of hair, bringing to mind Slash of Guns n’ Roses fame or that dude from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Troy ??? However the guy is no slouch on guitar either and had several great solo pickin’ moments during the show. Nice treat for everyone there. Thanks to Astral Media and The Lester Centre for sponsering and of course Colin James and Chris Caddell for their performance. Here’s a couple pics from show.