Codecs for Mac?

I’ve had this same question before but for PC (and maybe even for the same movie?) but I’m sure things aren’t quite the same now?

I’m trying to watch a rip of The Life Aquatic, here’s how it has went:

A white screen comes up in Quicktime and the option to go to the Quicktime site for more codecs comes up, I click it.

I download the DivX for Mac codec.  Done.

Nothing changes for the Movie.

I go to WinMediaPlayer and get that Flip4Mac thing.  Install it and the codecs.  Now I have a moving picture in Quicktime, but still no sound.

I get Real Player for Mac, install that.  Nothing changes with the sound.

What might I be missing?  How come thing movie doesn’t have a sound and how come this movie was such a bother for both Mac and Windows to get playing to its max?

Use VLC (Mac, Windows, Linux) – it’s the best bet to play anything.

Also, is the quicktime codec you downloaded this one?

Yeah, that was the Quicktime codec I got.  Correct, no?

Thanks Mig!

The movie still doesn’t play with sound in Quicktime but it’s a Go for VLC.

I disagree mplayer with w32codecs pack great on both linux and windows I find it better than vlc

How is mplayers support for subtitles?

I personally hate hard-encoding them if I am to download a foreign film.  VLC’s little subtitle
option is pretty sweet.  And sometimes it’s nice to change the aspect ratio (especially on
releases that are way too cropped).