Cocaine among drugs found in home on 8th Avenue West

A man and woman have been arrested in Prince Rupert after RCMP discovered cocaine, prescription medications and “drug trafficking paraphernalia” in a home in the 100 block of 8th Avenue West. … 36909.html

This is news in Rupert? No Uzzis, bullet riddled bodies or hostages tied up in the basement?
Shit its more like “Dog Bites Man” story in Prince George.

I do appreciate the hard work our RCMP go through getting these chemicals off our streets, there a far too many people in our village who are getting caught up in this fast growing epidemic and we are seeing much of our future resources being destroyed . So many are walking into this jungle with the same thought which I once had that nothing can happen to me . This is due to some peer pressure , lack of education concerning this poison . I would like the courts to start working along side of the RCMP and I would like to see whatever media we have left in this village to begin some form of campaign to educate the parents and the youth . The youth who is saying " I am only smoking it or I am just snorting it " while only coming through the back door as I did when I said " I’m OK because I’m just doing a left over cotton ".